Norsk operas utemmede beist: Reza e iRagazzi!

A constellation of Norway’s finest operastars with artist extraordinare Reza Aghamir at the helm. Reza and the guys take on the classics in their own way. Preforming  with a passion truly remarkable, singing Grieg and romantic classics, as well as showing off the familiar realm of their own favourite opera goodies.

Opera + Øl = sant (Konsberg Jazzfestival)

Reza and the operasingers has belted out operahits at Underwater Pub for years, so they can with all certainty say that opera with a beer in your hand is nowhere wrong. 

Leaving Khomeini’s Iran behind, Reza Aghamir first came to Norway with his family at 15 yrs of age. A rebel in the classical world, embracing hip-hop music and culture. Reza’s ways about music has always been personal and uncompromising regardless of genre and setting.

Maestro Aghamir @ Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2016.


However, putting this band together stands tall as a great artistic acheivement by itself. 15 top dogs, singing together, performing the music they love. The «Rat Pack» of a classical world. Who could possibly refuse such an offer…

The critically acclaimed debut album «Grieg Unheard» gives the listener 13 Grieg songs, to the bone. A clean and specific approach, recorded at the Norwegian Opera and Griegs own living-room at Troldhaugen. The different and unique qualities of each individual singer is at the centre of attention. «A beautiful contradiction of terms, really, forming a choir of soloists, certainly when it comes to opera soloists. But then Reza e iRagazzi is not a choir – more an opera band!» says Erik Gard Amundsen, director of Simax Classics.

Reza e iRagazzi are currently touring venues in Norway, singing their hearts out to enthusiastic crowds across the country. Presenting their stylish an fresh approach, broad appeal and tapping into the big emotions.

 «We believe quality can go a long way» – Reza is back with an ambition, wanting to bring this to international venues. Only, when performing at Vahdat Hall i Teheran as well as The Hollywood Bowl in LA, this journey ends.

Foto: Per Heimly



«Its said if you play country backwards, you get back your wife, pick up and dog. In opera text and themes can also be quite basic at times, so you can find a common ground there. Would Mozart write an opera about siliconebreasts? Who knows? says Reza Aghamir. «Together with Yngve Søberg and Fredrik Otterstad I have tried finding musical intersections with Vassendgutanes material. When we at last meet onstage the audience will hopefully expirience something quite unique. And thats what its all about!» 

Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2016, Reza e iRagazzi & Vassendgutane. 

Reza e iRagazzi består av: Reza Aghamir, Rolf Magne  Asser, Marius Roth Christensen, Hallvar Djupvik, Henrik Engelsviken, Thor Inge Falch, Ole Jørgen Kristiansen, Espen Langvik, Aleksander Nohr, Nils Christian Fossdal, Fredrik Otterstad, Carsten Stabell, Håvard Stensvold, Kjetil Støa, Yngve Søberg, Jens-Erik Aasbø, Jørgen Backer, David Fielder, Thomas Ruud, Eirik Grøtvedt.


I personally can`t wait to see these hunks live and get knocked off my feet by great vocals and testosterone!

//Fat Lady

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